Insert Random Song Lyrics…

October 24, 2011

This drawing I did a couple weeks ago makes me really wish I could actually do something in the near future with this Romana script I’m writing.  It’s kind of a potential cover/concept drawing.  I inked that up and it looks pretty damn good.  Might post it a bit later.  (BTW, an quick sketch of my take on her appearance can be found here).  Further motivation to get to C2E2?  Might need a slight change in the dramatis personae for that one…

Still feeling kind of lethargic after NYCC.  Came back on Sunday afternoon, work at 6AM on Monday, 4AM on Tuesday followed by a couple of days at noon and another 6AM on Friday… I guess that can do it.  Three days off will be beautiful though.  And I should have some OT on last week, so that will help the economic recovery.

A lot going on, so the writing has been slowed up a bit.  Planning to grind out something in the next day or two.


2 Responses to “Insert Random Song Lyrics…”

  1. Kelly said

    Are you following the Hawk & Dove series? I just finished the Brightest Day collections and they are a-mazing. I was wondering what you have thought of that series so far; I think you said you were looking to read it.

    • rossofsaunders said

      I’ve got the first two issues. The writing was solid, but Rob Liefeld can’t stop being Rob Liefeld long enough to make it work for me. It’s a shame really. Sterling Gates is one of my favorite writers and is doing a great job, but the mystery that is Liefeld continued employment by reputable comic book companies has weakened this one for me.

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