Well I’m not one to sit and spin ‘Cause living well’s the best revenge Baby, I am calling you on that

September 24, 2011

So yeah, went down to the Red Sox Yankees game last night.  It was rained out, but we were out of Yankee Stadium almost an hour before game time anyway.  Went with two coworkers and they were a bit on the rowdy side.  Get into the Stadium, spend about five minutes wandering, go to the bathroom, security waiting outside.  A missing ticket later, we’re all outside figuring out what to do next.  Could have stayed, but I’m not sure we could trust the two other guys not to get into trouble.

Spent less than ten minutes in the stadium before we were out.  Then, after a minor little traffic snafu by yours truly, we were back on our way to Vermont.  By minor, I mean I was driving around sunset, in the rain heading out of NYC when I almost cut someone off.  Some honking and swearing later (none on my part, I’ve got drunken idiots for that) but nothing major.

So that was Friday night.  Now I can say I’ve been kicked out of Yankee Stadium.  Kind of feels like a dream fulfilled right there.  And I got a bit of practice with NYC traffic.  Not much, but I just wanted to get at least a taste of it before NYCC.  Nothing I can’t handle or plan for.  And it won’t be the fucking Bronx either.

And so I set up another blog the other day.  Another WordPress.  This one for comics.  So now I have four blogs on here:

Posting of the Drawings (Which I need to finish a couple more of)

Working Out (Probably have a new entry up there tonight)

And comics

Today’s title comes from R.E.M.’s “Living Well is the Best Revenge”.  R.E.M. broke up after thirty something years.  Is it just me, or did that come out of nowhere?

One Response to “Well I’m not one to sit and spin ‘Cause living well’s the best revenge Baby, I am calling you on that”

  1. Kelly said

    Mr. Saunders: Security Threat.
    That’s hilarious. I am sorry the game was rained out though. I can’t believe you were driving in NYC- eeeek.
    Blog ADD?

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