DC Comics Part Deux…

September 1, 2011

Continuing on, I’ll give a few got reactions and which of the DC relaunch books coming out on Sept 14 I’ll be checking out.

Batman and Robin #1:

Peter Tomasi with Patrick Gleason providing art.  Solid team, I’ll at least see where this one goes.

Batwoman #1:

This is another of those that strikes me as a miniseries pretending to be an ongoing.  The character was fresh and brilliant in the course of 52 and her stories in Detective Comics and Final Crisis, but I just don’t know if the series will hold up.  Big fan of J.H. Williams III, so I’ll at least follow the first few issues.

Deathstroke #1:

Again, another pretender.  Deathstroke has always been a fascinating character, but I don’t know he’ll hold people’s attention long enough.  What I’ve read about the series doesn’t exactly make this stand out either.

Demon Knights #1:

Paul Cornell working on one of Jack Kirby’s best characters, I’m all over this.

Frankenstein, Agent of Shade #1:

The Flashpoint series focusing on Frankenstein was really good, and Jeff Lemire is returning to write this.  That’s the good news.  I’ll at least check out a couple issues to see where it will go, although I do have my doubts about this as an ongoing.

Green Lantern #1:

Geoff Johns continues to work with the characters he made his name on.  I think this will continue to be one of DC’s best books.  I really believe that.

Grifter #1:

I do wish DC had just did a soft reboot of the Wildstorm Universe rather than just shoving them into the DCU.  I just think there was too much good stuff there to just give up on Wildstorm.  I mean, between Gen 13 and Welcome to Tranquility, Gail Simone had one of the most phenomenal runs in recent memory.  Just let her have the DCU.  But anyway, Grifter.  I think this series has potential, but I’m concerned they might be trying to overload the DCU with anti-heroes.  This one I’ll follow.

Legion Lost #1:

I’m intrigued by this one.  Hopefully this Legion will stay true to the themes I’ve admired in the other incarnations.  Fabian Nicieza should be able to put together a good read here.

Mister Terrific #1:

I might get this one just for the covers by J.G. Jones.  It’s an amazing character and I hope this series sticks, but I have my doubts.

Red Lanterns #1:

I’d be concerned about there being some overload from too many Lantern titles, but this looks like a solid creative team and should be an interesting book.

Resurrection Man #1:

Another pretender?  Probably.  But it should have at least one good story in it.  At least going to check it out.

Suicide Squad #1:

I’m kind of pissed that there isn’t going to be a Secret Six anymore.  That was some good shit.  I’ll at least make sure this is a worthy replacement.

Superboy #1:

Feels like they just sorted him out in the main continuity.  Probably worth checking out.

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