It’s an age of alienation… Of a downbeat generation…

June 30, 2011

So labor talks in the NFL and the NBA have stalled and both are in a lockout as of right now.

I’m no expert, but lockouts are bad.  In 1994, MLB lost the end of the season and the World Series, a serious blow that really took years for it to recover from (Good thing all those players were juicing, or we wouldn’t have Baseball anymore).  At the same time as Michael Jordan’s second retirement, the NBA lost half a season.  That also took years to recover from, helped in part by the arrival of LeBron James and the restoration of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry.  The NHL lost a full season a few years ago, which set them back years.  A thrilling Olympics with the United States team doing extraordinarily well played a key role in that recovery.

I’m down to baseball and hockey right now.  I probably won’t feel inclined to watch any basketball or football for quite some time.  Which is sad, because I think the NBA is starting to get better than it’s been in years.

Lyrics today come from Tal Bachman’s “Looks Like Rain”.


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