In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night…

June 19, 2011

I saw Green Lantern today.  I saw it wasn’t wowing the critics, but I think I was impressed with it.  Ryan Reynolds did a pretty decent job with the part, playing the character well.  I think he nailed the overconfident side of Hal Jordan.  It was kind of cheesy in its way, but you had to expect that.

Parallax was the main villain, with Hector Hammond essentially playing his subordinate.  The back story for Parallax was kind of iffy, but I think it worked.  Essentially, one of the Guardians tries to control the power of fear, getting consumed by it.  That’s Parallax.  Kind of a strained back story.

In the comics, Parallax was the conscious embodiment of fear.  Eons ago, it had roamed the galaxy, feeding off of fear.  Before the Guardians imprisoned it in the Central Battery.  Eventually the Green Lantern Sinestro is imprisoned in the Central Battery as well, where Parallax had been forgotten, due to his influence.  With Sinestro’s guidance, the pair manipulate Hal Jordan into destroying the Central Battery and becoming possessed by Parallax.  After a few years, Hal overcomes Parallax’s influence enough to sacrifice himself to save the Earth, before the Last Guardian brings him back to life to finally recapture the fear entity.

Obviously the movie has taken a different approach to Parallax, which was well done.  I just think they can explore that more.  Also, there’s the idea of knowing fear, which is a big part of how they defeat Parallax in the comics.  Essentially, you have to know fear to overcome it.  Hal Jordan’s worst fear was realized when his father crashed.  I would have liked to have seen that angle used, but that’s nothing I’m too torn up about.

All in all, it was exactly what the movie should have been.  A fun movie about overcoming fear with lots of cool looking aliens.


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