It’s not enough that you succeeded, because you’ll never feel, because you’ll never feel, Because you’ll never feel successful until all of your friends fail

June 5, 2011

So as I’ve said before, I hope to write a couple of Doctor Who type stories.  Probably in comic form.  I’m working on the script for one right now.  Honestly, I kind of just want to have fun with and be damned if I actually do anything with it.  I’m also going full on with the Anime being a comic now.  I just decided that it would be easier that way.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I just watched the latest episode before their three month break.  It kind of got spoiled during my attempt to calculate how much time must have passed between the E-Space Trilogy and the Time War, so I did some online digging to determine if some enterprising Whovians had posted it somewhere.  Pretty damn amazing.  Can’t wait to see the next episode, which is apparently titled “Let’s Kill Hitler”.  Seriously.  But yeah, we now know the deal with eye-patch lady, River Song, and pretty sure we’re a little closer to figuring out what’s going on with the little girl from the first two episodes.  I’m kind of annoyed that they split the season now.

Seeing as how I’ve get to go see Against Me!, Lemuria and the Screaming Females play at Higher Ground this Friday, I figured I should at least make sure I can stand all three.  Against Me! was a band I was at least passively familiar with given their songs “I Was A Teenage Anarchist” and “Thrash Unreal”, so I wasn’t terrible worried there.  I will say I’ve taken a rather quick liking to Lemuria though.  I’ve downloaded one of their albums off of iTunes, which was rather amazing.  Today’s Lyrics come from the second track off that album “Yesterday’s Lunch”.


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