As Long as We Are Lonely, We Will Dance, As Long as We are Dying, We Want the Death of Rock and Roll

June 2, 2011

So earlier this week I made a brief commentary about Arizona and their somewhat ridiculous attempt at immigration reform.  I thought I had said enough about Arizona, but I think there is a bit more to be said.  According to, today a 73 year-old man shot and killed five people in the city of Yuma before turning the gun on himself.  At least one more was injured.

As anyone not living under a rock might know, this is not the first shooting to happen there in recent months.  Gun control… The Second Amendment… It’s been a political impasse for years.  Regardless of how fast we’re killing each other or how studies say that a lack of gun control only contributes more deaths.

Basically, America is an irresponsible and erratic nation.  Impulsive and impatient.    Hell, there was an accidental shooting at the school where I went to college yesterday, where a guy apparently shot his best friend.  I doubt I’ll ever know the whole story there, but it seems like something really fucked up happened there.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Regardless of who was involved or what they were thinking, we’re entirely too reckless to keep going like this.  The alternatives do not work.

Lyrics from “Arizona” by the Constantines.


6 Responses to “As Long as We Are Lonely, We Will Dance, As Long as We are Dying, We Want the Death of Rock and Roll”

  1. Kelly said

    What a good song. I picked up that album in CD form when we (the 3 clubs) went to Boston. Mmmm.

    Arizona was a hot mess when we were in school; the violence overflowing from Mexico is overwhelming. Do you remember when the police captains in Mexico kept resigning because they didn’t want to be killed by the drug lords? Dr. Beck had some good information on that.

    I had looked at Arizona once as an interesting place to spend a year, but I would never go near Phoenix now. In spring of 08 when Dr. Beck was talking about it, the death rate was insane.

    It’s tough, because as a nation we can’t just crack down unwavering on the borders. The plan has to be so intricate, with the number of US born children and family of illegal immigrants. But with the toxicity of the political atmosphere and the vitriol in the air, it’s gonna get uglier before it gets better.

    • rossofsaunders said

      Yeah. It just feels like the same thing is being done over and over again with people expecting different results.
      And I did hear about the Mexican police resigning or going into hiding because of the drug lords. It’s crazy there.

  2. Kelly said

    Were you at UMF when there was a shooting on Quebec Street (near Stone Hall)?

    • rossofsaunders said

      I do not recall a shooting on Quebec Street during my time there… But then again, there was so many things (assaults on the streets, attempted suicides in the basements, people hit by cars…) that I could have missed it.

  3. Kelly said

    Oooh yeah that fall that one year was insane.

    This was I think my freshman or sophomore year; some guy on quebec street who was mentally ill shot someone in the arm. Neither were UMF students but the papers were really hush hush about it for some reason.

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