Hope I meet you on a good day When I’m feeling all myself

May 30, 2011

Ever suddenly remember an ex’s birthday is that particular day?  You’ve barely thought about that person for months or years, but his or her birthday rolls around and you remember about it and her?  Kind of had that happen today (I think today was her birthday.  That wasn’t committed perfectly to memory, but I’m somewhat close).  It’s weird.  It just popped in my head despite a complete lack of relevance beyond the date.

Huh.  Well, I was just curious if anybody else ever has had that happen to them.  One of those things that kind of made me wonder.

By the way, if you get a chance, check out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I’m about halfway through and it’s fantastic.

Today’s title is brought to us from the song “No Promises” by James Marsters.


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