I’m the same as I was when I was 6 years old And oh my God I feel so damn old I don’t really feel anything

May 22, 2011

Part of me feels kind of let down by the lack of a rapture yesterday.  I kind of hope somebody sues the guy who made the prediction.  That would be a fitting ending to this madness.  Then again, I heard he said that if it didn’t happen today it will happen in the next six months.  Glad they gave themselves a pretty wide margin of error there.  Because who really want to be precise when predicting the end of the world?

I watch the NFL tear itself apart and I just shake my head.  While I think the owners can and should be much more open with their numbers, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the players as well.  Aside from the legal bullshit they’ve pulled, I’m not sure their really worth respecting at this point.  A quote from Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson compared being an NFL player to slavery.  If I’m not mistaken, his average salary is just around ten million dollars a year.  He might just be the well paid slave in history.  I don’t think the owners had anything to lose by opening the books.  I really don’t.  But the players were much too quick to resort to legal action.  Either way, the real losers in this are the fans.

I think this could turn out to be a good week.  Starts out kind of weird, but I think it could get better.  Title is brought to us from the song “Never Ending Math Equation” by Modest Mouse.


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