When too much beauty numbs the mind When what you see ain’t what you get When digging deeper what you find Is skeletons best left behind

May 6, 2011

Saw Thor today.  Go see it, it is good.  It was very well done, and we got a glimpse of Hawkeye!  Felt kind of weird wearing a Superman shirt when I saw it, but whatever.  I wouldn’t necessarily mind being haunted by Jack Kirby.  Maybe I could convince him to teach me how to draw.

I’m getting back to writing some weird stuff again.  I bought a few graphic novels the other day.  One was a Warren Ellis thing called Two-Step.  Zen gangsters stealing giant penises.  And sexual deviants who rape cars.  The thing wasn’t more than fifty pages, but it was crazy.  So yeah, right now I’m revising one novel, starting another, and working on a screenplay.

Today’s title comes from “Crash into the Sun” by Jim White.


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