It came out Magical… Out from blown speakers…

April 11, 2011

I feel kind of weird promoting one blog in another blog, but I have yet to figure out exactly how to upload audio files to this blog, so I might be left with that option.  I uploaded the test audio to my tumblr (which I have say their refusal to use all the necessary vowels annoys me.  What is their problem with the letter ‘e’?).  Here’s a link for those of you curious as to how that sounds.  Just a random few lines of poetry I put together last year in one of my more emo stints.

Anyway, I’m working on query letters and revisions mostly right now.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll be sending out query letters tomorrow evening.  I’m excited to be doing that part again.  When I was trying to get Zombie Dance published, on some level it was just so I could get rejected and get used to it.  I’m actually thinking of completely rewriting that one…

Today’s title comes from the song “From Blown Speakers” by The New Pornographers.  Yeah, I need to start expanding my music choices a bit more.  Canadian Indie Rock only goes so far…

One Response to “It came out Magical… Out from blown speakers…”

  1. Bazzle said

    You want to completely rewrite it? Ambitious much??
    You are your biggest critic!

    Here’s a list of some tasty Indie “rock” straight outta Canada for your listening pleasure.

    Propagandhi – political hip hop that rips you raw.
    Streetlight Light
    Apostle of Hustle
    Tokyo Police Club – FUN. Listen to Tesselate & Bambi
    The Planet Smashers – ska – (super Orgy Porno Party)
    Swan Lake – Wolf Parade side project
    Sunset Rubdown – WP side project
    Frog Eyes – WP side project
    The Golden Dogs – listen to Dynamo
    Final Fantasy
    Metric – listen to Police & the Private, lots of good stuff
    Broken Social Scene
    You Say Party! We Say Die!
    Hot Hot Heat
    Comeback Kid
    Neil Young
    The Weakerthans
    Earth A.D.
    Buck 65 – fun.
    Constantines – Didn’t I inundate you with these guys? Listen to Young Offenders, Insectivora, On to you, Draw Us Lines, and Some Party. Mmmm.
    The Tragically Hip
    The Most Serene Republic
    The Stills
    Feist – 1234

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