Had a great idea the other day… Thought Too Hard and it went away…

April 8, 2011

Been trying to figure out all day how to finish off this chapter of the novel.  The last chapter I need to finish.  And since I’m so close to finishing a full draft of this thing, I’m starting to get anxious to start on something else.  That’s kind of the annoyance for the moment.  Reminds me of some song lyrics.  Well everything reminds me of song lyrics, but the ones I’m thinking of right now comes from the song “No Way Out” by Immaculate Machine (Which I have been listening to way too much of lately).  Anyway, the lyrics I have in mind go:

“And your eyes just kept turning away
Distracted every single time
By what someone else had to say
More important to you
It seemed so strange.
So strange.”

Kind of irrelevant, but exemplifies the ease with which I can be distracted.

So if I could just write these last five pages (I’m guestimating that much) I’ll be done writing this fucker.

Title comes from the song “Ideas” by Mister Encrypto.


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