Tangle up your twisted tongue. It’s simple. Mesmerize your everyday. It’s simple.

March 27, 2011

I was using a exercise machine today (think it was a stair master) and I got a warning message that I was stepping too hard.  I must admit I found that amusing.

I see a correlation between time at the gym and my general level of happiness.  And my ability to focus on writing.  There is also a correlation between those two and whether or not my hours at work are stable, but that’s a slightly different topic.  Today I did a workout before and after work today.  It was actually really good.  Little less than an hour before work, about forty minutes after… I think it went pretty well.  Not exactly my ideal plan, but I could see it being a viable option in the future.

Tried to draw a bit tonight for the first time in months.  Went a bit too cold starting with it.  No references or anything.  Didn’t go well.  Wasn’t really sure what I wanted to draw either.  I just tried to draw.  Bit too much of a perfectionist for that to really work.

The lyrics in today’s title are from “Simple” by Collective Soul.  Always loved the idea that these couple of lines (the whole song really) seem inclined to present.


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