I got a pocket full of nothin’ And a head full of dreams That I never could explain

March 7, 2011

I backed into my Jeep with my dad’s car this morning.  Just trying to get the driveway straightened out enough so that it can be plowed just a bit more easily.  Fortunately the only thing we broke was a mudflap on my dad’s car.  And that was probably before I was anywhere near the Jeep.  But yeah, I was just going “I’m so sorry Kara.  I’m so sorry.”

I saw this thing on CNN.com about Mitt Romney saying Obama was going to be a “one-term president”.  I watched the clip and was left thinking, “Wow.  That was dumb.”  It was basically a haphazard collection of sound bites strung together about something we cannot even fathom a guess for at least another year.

Working hard on trying to finish another chapter or two of the vampire novel.  I thought I had a shot to finish it this last week, but fell short of that.  If all goes according to plan though, this week could be promising.  This is the good one, so I want to get this fucker done.  I think there’s a wall in front of me and this is the hammer to break through it.

Today’s title is brought to you from the “The Yeah Song” by Stroke 9.


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