She’ll Be Swinging When the Whole World Ends Looking For Another Tomorrow, Yeah

February 27, 2011

I renamed my in progress vampire novel.  I had titled it Avatars of Death, but that title was rapidly losing the right feel to it.  I’m working on the last three or four segments right now and hopefully will have them done enough to start querying it out soon.  I suppose I could start query letters now, but i want to be just a bit closer to having this completed before I start doing that.  Also need to write the query letter itself, but that’s small potatoes really.

So apparently the Wisconsin House of Reps passed their “union buster” at 1 AM the other night, despite a number of Democrats never having a chance to even speak on the matter.  Yeah… Way to make it look like you aren’t just out to destroy the other party.  I strongly suspect there are numerous aspects of legislative procedure that are being ignored here.  I might be a little ignorant of all the facts here, but how exactly is the elimination of all the collective bargaining rights supposed to reduce the state budget?  I’m sorry, but I’m not exactly sure I see it.

Just saw on that there might be a deal for the budget that will keep things running on a federal level.  Apparently they’re dangerously close to a shutdown.  It would be good to see it go through with all sides coming across somewhat well.  Probably won’t.  Still need to get Republicans to realize that this can’t be just ideological.

Speaking of ideology, last week I found an article about Justin Bieber being pro-life.  It was interesting, especially when asked about cases of rape, he said “I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason.”  First off, this kid is sixteen.  Why the fuck is he being asked about abortion in the first place?  Second, I dare him to say that to a woman who’s just been raped.  Look her in the eye and say that.  He’s a kid who’s probably barely aware anything beyond trying to get the next hit song.  When he’s actually grown up a bit, then ask him about abortion.

I kind of picked some random lyrics for the title to this post for a reason.  They’re from the song “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Low Life” by Alabama 3.  I just liked the line because it really does exemplify the mindset I’m trying to have.  With… Everything going on, it does feel at times that the world is coming to an end.  But all we can do is keep fighting for a tomorrow that might not be there.


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