February 15, 2011

Ah Valentine’s Day…

The pagan holiday that the Christians tried to stamp out/convert to their own purposes which has really been degraded down to a publicity blitz for jewelry, candy and greeting cards.  Shame really, because running around naked and whacking people to increase fertility and virility is really a lost art (See Lupercalia).

Anyway, I celebrated as tradition dictated:  Watched porn and went to work from 2PM to 1oPM while trying not to get more depressed than usual.  Actually, to be honest, I’ve been feeling pretty good lately.  Self-confidence is still lacking, but that’s coming along.  I can actually stand to look at myself without a shirt on, which is a pretty big step forward.  Starting to work on the other stuff now.

But yeah, I’m not entirely convinced that a major part of Valentine’s Day in the modern day isn’t to just make people feel bad for being alone.

One Response to “Valentines…”

  1. ahelmic6 said

    HAHA nice blog post!

    And I agree about Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty pointless and over-commercialized.

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