Haven’t Plugged Books In Awhile…

December 22, 2010

So I figured I would plug a couple of my books today, see if anybody bites.  I kind of slacked off on that, really should be pushing the books a bit more.  Also should be writing on here a lot more.  Anyway, I’m just going to plug a couple of my books right now.

Challengers of the Shadow

A dark fantasy where a group tries to save the world when an evil sorceress begins a grab for power.

Saga of the Universes

The tale of a man who travels between univeres, searching for existence threatening elements and trying to resolve them.  As he works, he picks up a young woman who challenges him and forces him to wake up.

I have other books, but these are the two I really would love to see pick up some sales.  Also hoping to have another novel available before long, maybe the next couple of days?

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