Snow and Scott Pilgrim…

December 6, 2010

So I finally saw Scott Pilgrm Vs. The World yesterday.  Watched it again this afternoon before returning it in a snowstorm.  On that note, people need to learn to drive in the snow.  The important thing when driving in snow is control.  Not to crawl like a snail.  Control.  True I have 4 Wheel Drive and brand new tires, but still.

Anyway, Scott Pilgrim.  I’ll be honest, I thought this movie was a wreck.  In all honesty, I think they tried too hard to be faithful to the book and crammed too much into the story.  I felt like it just rushed too fast through the story, lacking the depth and character evolution that made the graphic novels great.  The things that annoyed me most were Kim Pine and NV Adams.  They actually have fairly pivotal roles in the story, but were bit parts in the movie, Kim especially.  I mean, she’s really the one who forces Scott to get his shit together and is easily one of the more interesting characters in the books.  But all she does in the movie is play drums and mime shooting herself in the head.  NV just felt like she was thrown in purely for a plot point.  Part of Scott’s growing up is that he reaches a level of understanding with her, a big moment in the book.

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