A Bit of Basketball Talk

December 1, 2010

Apparently LeBron James is making his return to Cleveland tonight, as turmoil continues to rise around the Miami Heat.  Evidently not winning a championship after a month is unacceptable.  Did we not see this coming?  Did we not think “hey, these guys have tremendous egos and will likely clash?”  To be honest, I would have to demand every person who claims to be a LeBron fan give a detailed explanation why.  I mean the guy is all ego and basically blames the coach because they aren’t in first.  That team is loaded.  They might not have a dominant inside presence, but it is loaded.  But they’re not in first.  Why is that?  The Coach?  No.  The Coach is the Coach, but the oncourt leadership is not there.  James and Wade and Bosh need to step up and lead this team on the court.  Set aside the ego and act like champions.  Stacking your team doesn’t guarantee a championship.  So stop bitching because I’m sick of seeing this all over ESPN.

One Response to “A Bit of Basketball Talk”

  1. Kelly said

    I’m sick of seeing it on ESPN too. Dear LeBron, STFU.

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