Random Thoughts and a Start

November 18, 2010

Work kind of sucks when they illogically assign the work of two people to one person on a regular basis.  But hey, I really only have one more day of it.

I’m having fewer moments where I think about this girl I used to be close with.  After she got in touch with me in May, I occasionally thought about getting in touch with her, but it always seems so stupid.  I feel like there’s nothing left to say.

Vacation time in two or three weeks.  Maybe I’ll finally finish those novels I’ve been meaning to finish.  Possibly accomplish that roadtrip.

And here’s a start of something.  It’s a mystery/murder/detective story.  Probably I’ve been watching too much NCIS or Castle lately and that’s got me in this mindset.


“It’s like getting Coke out of a Pepsi machine.”

It was a surprisingly interesting statement from the beat officer. Parker rarely paid attention to what the officers on scene would say beyond a briefing, but the comment caught his attention. Enough to get him thinking. In his experience, he had been at many places where the vendors did little to maintain the division between the two rivals. Despite what seemed to be a line in the sand for many people, the two companies actually gave one another little concern. Probably about as much concern as they gave the scene that Parker and his team were about to dissect. In the end, the rivalry served little purpose beyond marketing.

Rain fell on them as the three forensic specialists arrived on the scene. Dressed in wet gear, the three were anxious to set to work. Parker adjusted his poncho as Nadine set to work on examining the body. Wayne worked quickly with the camera, snapping pictures of anything that seemed possibly relevant, the flashes of his camera illuminating the alleyway. The contorted body of the victim lay on the ground of the alleyway, drenched in the downpour. None of them gave much of an emotional response to the young blond girl in the tight black dress, quickly designating her to just another part of the crime scene.

“So how did we score this one?” Nadine asked. She wiped her thin glasses and moved a now sticking strand of black hair from her narrow forehead. Vision now clear, she went back to work. She moved quickly, her petite frame concealed beneath the baggy poncho and pants. “This doesn’t seem like our normal service work.”

“The Department is backlogged and we’re doing McFee a solid,” Parker stated. “They were stretched thin with the shooting at city hall, probably no one available to get this one. City’s gone crazy. I have Ursula taking care of a couple of things at the Department while we’re here. He’s gonna owe us a favor when all is said and done.”

“They probably couldn’t handle this anyway,” Nadine scoffed. “Everything getting rained on, makes it very difficult.”

“Not too difficult though,” Parker observed. “What do you see so far?”

“Well the water is going to make prints difficult,” Wayne pointed out. “For getting something on a suspect anyway.” He knelt down and and picked up the girl’s hand, carefully examining the digits. His short black hair was drenched down as he worked. “Several broken fingernails, defensive wounds. Looks like they’ve been cleared off by the water. I’ll try to dig something out anyway though.”

Nadine opened the girl’s mouth, shining a flashlight in.

“I think we might have some traces of semen in her mouth,” she said. “Hand me the M-U-V?”

Reaching into their gear bag, Parker pulled out the visor and ultra-violet flashlight and handed it to Nadine. She smiled as she put it on, starting to examine the body more closely. Parker stood and walked the scene as his compatriots worked, studying the angles.

“Yep,” She confirmed. “Definitely semen. Looks fairly fresh.”

“Enough for DNA?” Wayne asked.

“I think so,” Nadine said. “Get a swab? And the rape kit? Probably going to have to check everything.”

“Do it,” Parker ordered. He continued his stalk around the scene, measuring out distances and strides and looking at the ground. His attention shifted from the small piles of garbage to the victim without much of a clear focus. Looking back, he too a quick glance at the officer on scene, quickly measuring him up. “Hey officer?”

“Yeah?” he replied.

“You the only one who came down here?”

“Woman who called it in checked for a pulse.”

“Small woman? About five foot two, one hundred pounds, and in sneakers?”

“Ah… Sounds right…”


He turned his attention to his companions as they worked. Wayne opened up the kit as Nadine moved the body. Lifting up the girl’s skirt, she gasped.

“Well that’s a surprise,” she said. She looked to Wayne as he looked and winced. “Turn her back over.”

“Her or him?” he asked.

“Transsexual?” Parker inquired.

“Looks to be pre-op,” Nadine offered. “So a bit of both, I guess. Philosophical argument that we probably don’t want to get into. What’s the purse tell us?”

Parker grabbed the purse from the evidence bag and started to go through it. He pulled out a couple of identification cards.

“Two sets of identification,” he said. “One old, one brand new. Our victim is Sam Walston. Well, at least they didn’t have to change that much. And a reminder card about a doctor’s appointment at LeClerc.”

“They do gender reassignment there,” Nadine said. “Likely a pre-op consultation.” She rapidly examined the body. “Signs of rape in the rectal area. I think this is starting to shape out pretty clear cut.”

“What have we got?” Parker asked. He knew it all at this point, but wanted to see if he missed any details. “What can you tell me?”

“Location and clothes tell us that she was likely at a club nearby,” Wayne said. He looked at the contents of the Parker’s hand as he looked through the purse. “Looks like a stub for Dans Frontier in the purse. Stamp on her hand looks like the one they use there as well. So she met our guy there. Couldn’t wait for somewhere more private and led him down here to go down. She finished him off and he went to return the favor, but got a surprise. He didn’t take it well and killed her.”

“How do we know it was a guy?” Parker asked.

“The forearm was broken,” Nadine observed. “Severe bruising around the throat and the torso. Likely our subject who probably was a substantially larger, making the subject more likely to be male. He raped her, strangled her, left her for dead.”

“We miss anything?” Wayne asked.

Parker nodded as he pointed to the wall behind them.

“Poor lighting makes it difficult to spot the blood on the wall,” he said. “Our victim didn’t bleed much and the blood probably wouldn’t have gotten on the wall.” They looked and saw the specks. Not needing any incentive, Wayne went to get a sample. “Our guy wasn’t a real killer. He just stumbled into it. When he realized what he did, he panicked and fled.” He pointed to a series of partial footprints, too large to belong to any of them or the officer. “Not enough to get a decent mold off of though. Rain’s made that impossible and he was running. Not that it matters. But he did it. He did and walked away.”


2 Responses to “Random Thoughts and a Start”

  1. ahelmic6 said

    Very interesting story :). There’s a typo…left out the k in ‘took’. It’s where he was asking the officer about the person that called it in.

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