Guy Fawkes Day

November 5, 2010

 It’s Guy Fawkes Day, where the British celebrate how they stopped a plot to blow up Parliament.  Guy Fawkes was an oppressed Catholic who attempted to blow up Parliament in 1605.  His goal had more to do with making the lives of Catholics better, but all he really got was executed for treason and continued oppression and persecution for Catholics.  True to tradition, they celebrate it with bonfires, burning effigies and rather clever little rhymes.  (oversimplified history of the day, but that’d the general gist)  So yeah… Remember remember the fifth of November…

On a semi-related note, Keith Olbermann was basically fired by MSNBC today for making campaign donations.  I’m a bit divided about this.  Always thought he was an obnoxious sportscaster who for some reason decided to play politics and has become the liberal Glenn Beck, but it does seem a mite unfair.  If you watch CNN or Fox (or other shows on MSNBC for that matter) almost everybody on there has held office, probably will run for office in the near future or are campaigning on someone or something’s behalf.  The alligiances are clear.  So he gets fired for campaign donations?

I don’t like Olbermann (to be fair, I don’t like any political commentators), but this doesn’t smell right to me.


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