On This Day That Began As Election Day

November 3, 2010

So we had a major shift last night in the political landscape.  Most of the guys I voted for made it in, but there was a major shift in the US Congress.  The Republicans retook the House and almost the Senate.  About what I expected really.  The Democrats had control of both Houses and the Presidency, but seemed almost incapable of getting anything done.  I like that Obama tried not to take control of the legislative process, but there were times when he had to.  And he really should not even have to.  Pelosi and Reid basically offended and bumbled away one of the best chances that party has had to get some real change accomplished.  They got Healthcare passed, but that was really because Obama got involved and the White House basically got it done.  That should not be the way things are done in Washington.  Obama has enough other things to worry about without doing all the legislating as well.

Point is, Pelosi and Reid are/were horrendous in leadership roles.  This election was less a referrendum on Obama’s Presidency than a statement about how ineffective those two were.  I mean, Obama’s the President.  He’s basically running two wars (Iraq might be winding down, but there’s still stuff to be done there) and really should not be as involved in the legislative process as he has been.  It’s great that he has been, but the Legislature should, you know, legislate.

On a state level, looks like Peter Shumlin is going to be our Governor.  No official call on that yet, but he’s apparently got a couple thousand votes on Dubie.  I like Shumlin, I think he’ll do well.  Patrick Leahy and Peter Welch are both going back to Washington.   I’m glad for that.  Feels like something right and clear and certain with those two guys.

So the Tea Party got what they wanted in more than a few places.  That’s why I’m not terribly worried about the Republicans having picked up so many seats.  I think we’ll see a lot of what happened when the Democrats had the House, where the Republicans will be divided against themselves.  If you really pay attention to the Tea Party, they are batshit crazy.

So yeah, I’m not terribly worried about the Election results.  Americans are cantankerous bastards who have no patience whatsoever and they’ll hate Washington all over again next November.

Quick addition.  If you go to CNN.com, aren’t those headline blocks kind of disturbing?  I think they have John Boehner up there right now and his facial expression is disturbing.  Here’s the picture:


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