Voted This Morning

November 2, 2010

I just got back from voting.  First time in my hometown.  Voted a few times in Maine, but that really felt kind of dirty.  And of a debatable legality.

Anyway, I think I made the right choices.  Shumlin for Governor, for two reasons really.  One, I don’t think Dubie proved himself fully capable of leading.  And two, I might have an anuerism if I have to utter the phrase Governor Dubie.  Pretty much went Democrat all the way.  I know that fits a profile, but hey, I’m young, moderately informed and someway angsty.  When the Republicans start embracing the Beck-driven Tea Party BS, they lose me right there.

Even if you aren’t a liberal, borderline socialist like me, go vote.  Every election is more and more important.  I was working on revising a novel the other day where the main character goes on a rant about how we could have told news outlets like Fox News to shove it, but we didn’t and we let them destroy us.  I’m just going to say, for the next election, let’s stop relying on Fox and CNN and MSNBC, because they are all rubbish at this point.


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