Road Trip Possibilities…

October 24, 2010

So I’ve got a short list of possible destinations for my vacation/roadtrip now.  Still need to piece together the times and actual activities, but that’s not a huge issue.

  1. West Virginia.  Someone suggested I take trip down there, but I astutely pointed out that there is nothing there.  Haven’t completely ruled it out, but it’s not looking terribly likely.
  2. Pennsylvania.  I think there’s a comicon of some kind going on in the next couple months.  Might try to catch that.  I’ve completely missed all the good ones, I think, but hey.
  3. New York.  This is one of the more likely ones.  Again, might try to catch a comic book signing or con, but the chance for a Hockey or Basketball game looks good too.
  4. Boston.  Again, I’m thinking a Bruins or Celtics game.  Don’t think they much for signings or cons in Boston, but I can think of a few places to go.
  5. F-Town.  This would likely be something to do on the way home from Boston.

One Response to “Road Trip Possibilities…”

  1. ahelmic6 said

    Haha it was only a suggestion! Although WV is great if you want to see the changing leaves…they’ll all be gone by the time you take a trip :P. Didn’t I suggest something else too?

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