Yeah, That’s Fucked Up…

October 16, 2010

It’s going to be a rough stretch I think.  Without going into too much detail, last weekend my uncle got drunk, did some extraordinarily stupid and repulsive things, then tried to commit suicide.  It’s a real clusterfuck.  He’s pretty much destroyed his life and has put nearly everyone else’s on the edge now.  Apparently he made the news (found a report detailing the charges and stuff online) so it’s more or less public knowledge now. 

So yeah, that’s a massive distraction.  I have numerous opinions on the various issues involved, but most of it is not anything I want to get into.  Pretty much this the bulk of what I’ve been hearing about whenever I’ve been at home for the last week.  Not nearly the environment I would hope for.

On a completely different note…  Seeing as how it was about a year ago that I really wrote the bulk of this, and it is almost Halloween, I’ve put a fifteen percent discount on Challengers of the Shadow.

Lulu Page

You can also find some sample chapters here.


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