Thirty-Eight of Fifty-Four Down…

October 7, 2010

Well, that was a nice day off…  Probably could have accomplished more, but hey I’m pretty much in a stint of eleven days with one day off (four on, one off, six on) so a little slacking is okay.  A job I applied for in January called me today, asking if I was still intersted.

I’m working on two projects primarily right now.  Well, three really.  Four if you count the Zombie Dance revisions.  Which I’m really pissed I haven’t finished yet.

One is the Avatars of Death story, which I’m really liking the direction of.

Second is a relatively new idea I came up with that kind of is modelled after Final Fantasy VIII and the comic book series the Authority.  Haven’t started writing that one yet, but I’ve got a pretty decent idea of what that one’s going to be about.  I’m actually getting really anxious to start writing that one.

The last one is something about an idea that I got from the graphic novels Planetary and From Hell.  In From Hell you have the Jack the Ripper case being solved holistically, and in Planetary you have the protagonists working as “mystery archaeologists”, which is really an interesting term when you think about it.  Kind of a murder mystery that toys with various social elements.  I think this one is going to get weird and complicated and possibly a bit disturbing.


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