Curse Ye Mold!!

September 30, 2010

So evidently I’m scheduled to work fifty-two hours (six of seven days) next week due to the apparently desperate need to clean everything the same way we did last Tuesday, when I put in twelve hours.  Which means I’ll probably put in about that much time again when we do this on Wednesday… Hopefully less now that I’ve done it once.  Still, it’s going to be quite similar to a kick in the nuts.  Not that I couldn’t use the overtime, but it’s barely been two days since we did it the first time and we still haven’t gotten caught up from that.  Plus we have no idea if it’s really necessary to do this right now anyway.

So yeah… If work would settle down I’d probably be done with Zombie Dance, Avatars of Death, Last Stand for Eternity, another round of Order of the Dragon revisions.  Then again… I’ll probably be able to pick up that new computer by mid-October at this rate…  NO!  I WILL NOT ALLOW CHEESE AND WHEY TO CONSUME MY LIFE!  I SHOULD HAVE FINISHED SO MUCH SHIT BY NOW!

Pretty much means my current progress is limited to hand-written stuff until I get some extended time to do some real non-cheese related stuff.  And I need that time soon.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get some major shit done this week with the wee bit of time I have left.  I picked up a couple of books today, mostly just to amuse myself and try to learn a few new things.  One is a book on Celtic wisdom, the other was a copy of the Tao Te Ching.  Was looking for a copy of the Koran (not really sure that’s the correct spelling off the top of my head) but didn’t see one.  It’s kind of funny, the copy of the Tao Te Ching was actually published by a place I applied to work at, located in Woodstock, VT.  Kind of cool.  Both seem fairly interesting thus far.


3 Responses to “Curse Ye Mold!!”

  1. Savannah said

    There are websites that will send you a free Koran (Quran is another spelling). I don’t remember which one I used to get mine. I refused to spend money on it, but did want a copy.

  2. ahelmic6 said

    Don’t let work consume your life!!!!

    What kind of computer are you looking at?

    And you can spell it Quran, or Koran. Either works :). There are actually like five ways you can spell it.

    Class and work consumes me life, but not so much as it did in the past. For a month I worked two jobs and went to class….not fun.

    • rossofsaunders said

      I’m looking at getting a Mac of some variety. I’m mostly looking to make sure I get something fucking great for digital art.

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