September 28, 2010

I’m kind of disturbed that my last post here got several SPAM comments trying to sell me steroids.  Just felt like sharing that.

Working on some stuff, lost a day off today (Stupid WPC being shitty), so I’m kind of trying to get some random shit done.  Might take a bit longer to get the new computer, but I’m very hopeful to be working on some actual comic book pages again in the next couple months.  My work schedule has just grown even more sporadic that I’m constantly losing time to work on shit.  Hopefully I’ll start getting my shit together and actually finish some stuff.

And here’s some random poetry I started working on awhile back.  Kind of ties in with my Order of the Dragon stuff.  Not really done, but I figured I’d share it.

Again he tries to flee the gun,

He doesn’t see why he’ll fail,

He might as well fight the dawn.

He doesn’t remember who he was,

Only the pain he is,

Living between life and death,

Seeing both but not crossing to either.

He wonders how it will end,

Which way he’ll go,

Which song he’ll be singing,

Heavenly melody or discord?

They ask him to kneel and obey,

Te stop fighting and creating war,

but he will not listen to them,

Because he knows he’ll win.

In one life he was a Prince,

But that was a long time ago.

He lives by random chance,

Trying to change his fortune.

Tepes fought for what was believed right,

Using everything he could to win.

Even now he does.

In the darkest of his battles,

He never lost his enemy.


One Response to “Arg”

  1. KBaz said

    I found your blog! I knew you must have one somewhere! yay!

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