And Salu Digby Has Been Found!

September 20, 2010

So I was cleaning out my car and found my USB drive.  Officially can get back to all the scripts and stories and all the good stuff I’ve been working on.

Anyway, I trimmed down a playlist of songs for my iPod when I work out to 25 songs.  Here are the twenty-five that made the cut:

  1. “Crossbone Style” Cat Power
  2. “Kick Some Ass” Stroke 9
  3. “Reject” Stroke 9
  4. “Sing Me Spanish Techno” The New Pornographers
  5. “Move Your Body” Eiffel 65
  6. “Crash Into The Sun” Jim White
  7. “(Put Your Hands) Together” The New Pornographers
  8. “Karoline” Neko Case
  9. “Godzilla” Blue Oyster Cult
  10. “End of All Hope” Nightwish
  11. “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” Alabama 3
  12. “7 Days to the Wolves” Nightwish
  13. “Shipping Up to Boston” Dropkick Murphys
  14. “Flaming Telepaths” Blue Oyster Cult
  15. “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” The Offspring
  16. “Stuff is Messed Up” The Offspring
  17. “To Wild Homes” The New Pornographers
  18. “Jungle Love” Steve Miller Band
  19. “Heavy” Collective Soul
  20. “Florida” Modest Mouse
  21. “Energy” Collective Soul
  22. “Punk Rock Girl” Streetlight Manifesto
  23. “Better Days” The Dirges
  24. “You Speak My Language” Collective Soul
  25. “Point/Counterpoint” Streetlight Manifesto

Just felt like sharing that, probably going to add more eventually, open to suggestions on potential additions.  Probably will add to it as my regular workout expands.  Kind of surprised myself to include three country songs (well not really country, more southern gothic/alternative country/acid house country, but still, its country).

2 Responses to “And Salu Digby Has Been Found!”

  1. KBaz said

    Punk Rock Girl is a glorious song.

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