A bit of 9/11 thinking

September 11, 2010

So lately we’ve seen a lot of talk about the mosque near Ground Zero in the news lately.  Apparently everybody from crazy country preachers to Donald Trump to President Obama has gotten sucked into this debate.  Basically we’ve got a Islamic group that wants to build a mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero.  Some say this is offensive to the families of people who died that day.  Personally, I think this is a crucial moment for us as a country.  We’ve got a chance to say “Hey.  We’re not going to blame a whole religion for the actions of a handful of extremists.  We’re better than that.”  Instead we’re going to have our own extremists screeching about how horrible it is to build there, manipulating public opinion and making up works like “Islamists”.  If it was a church or synogogue, they probably wouldn’t even say a word.  Honestly, I think it’s more offensive that we haven’t rebuilt at Ground Zero and that we haven’t caught every one of the “men” responsible for the attacks.

And recently we had this crazy Georgia Preacher planning to burn the Koran today.  He delayed it, but seriously?  This is stupid on so many levels.  You would really disrespect an entire people like that?  For all their talk about tolerance, Christians tend to only be tolerant if you agree with them.


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