Lebron Goes To The Heat

July 8, 2010

As a writer, I feel it is my duty on occasion to examine the structure of the world around me and observe.  Today we had a major event in the world of sports: Lebron James announced he would sign with the Miami Heat.  He has left Cleveland for Miami, joining fellow stars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.  An interesting move, to be sure.  I want to take a moment to reflect on these events and break them down.

The Cavs were a better team than Lebron believed.  They probably should have beaten the Celtics in the playoffs.  I think they had the makings of a real power in the NBA there.  Anderson Varejao and J.J. Hickson each were solid big men, and Mo Williams is actually a very serviceable point guard.  In my opinion, the big problem with the team was that Lebron was not as stable and as consistent of a leader for this team as he could have been.  He did little to help the team bring in quality players to help him, forcing them to trade for Antawn Jamison and Shaquille O’Neal (players they essentially got for nothing because their teams just wanted to get rid of them) in a rather disappointing bid for a championship.  What the Cavs really needed was a shooting guard.  The Scottie Pippen to Lebron’s Michael Jordan.  A true second option.  Not washed up relics like O’Neal and Jamison.  One theory I’ve heard is that the big reason why the Cavs were unable to get a legit second option is Lebron’s refusal to sign a long-term deal.  If he had, it would have proven he wanted to win in Cleveland and free agents would have come to play there with him.  So Lebron wants to win, he just didn’t want to do it in Cleveland.

This is a huge blow for Cleveland.  With the economy the way it is, they need to look to something.  Now the Cavs are pretty much starting from scratch.  Mind you I think they’re still a playoff team, but it’s still a huge blow.

Miami has James, Bosh and Wade… and not much else.  They might win a championship someday… but it might take a year or two to get the pieces around them.

An hour-long special to make this announcement… Definitely not necessary.  Honestly lost a lot of respect for Lebron and was surprised that he actually would have the… ego to actually do it.  I know it was set up to benefit the Boys and Girls Club, but regardless, I lost a lot of respect since he hand an hour-long special to basically say “Yeah, I’m signing with the Heat.”

So yeah… good going Lebron.  Way to kick your home town in the nuts and be a fairly pompous ass.


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