Updates and Thoughts 6/19

June 19, 2010

I’m just going to do this as a serious of blurbs and bullet points, because that makes sense to me.

  • Probably about 40% of the way through the major revision push for Zombie Dance.  Hopefully will kick some ass on that when my next days off roll around.
  • Doctor Who is kicking ass this new season.  It’s really good.
  • Avatars of Death might be a bit later than I originally intended.  I’m just not getting that done as quickly as I intended.
  • I’m thinking about working on the follow-ups for Wandering Through Terran, Saga of the Universes, and Challengers of the Shadow.  Still haven’t written much in any of those.
  • Despite some work related drudgery, I’m feeling better than I have in awhile.  I’ve got an iPod and starting to write good stuff again.  All is well.

One Response to “Updates and Thoughts 6/19”

  1. ahelmic6 said

    Glad to hear it!

    And you sure are a productive one! I’m trying, but I just haven’t felt the greatest the past few weeks.

    Sorry for not being of much help with proofreading your stories lately. I used to be a lot better at it, I just don’t know what happened.

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