June 5, 2010

So I’m starting to get this feeling of fate conspiring against me.  It’s just a feeling I get when things seem to be going well and there are too many coincidences.  Like at work, a couple of the other guys were looking up celebrities that people at the plant look like.  They apparently decided that I looked like the lead singer of Weezer (Rivers Cuomo).  And I do bear a passing resemblance.  Anyway, I start up the car the other night after work and “Hash Pipe” is playing.  Which is what one of the other guys has been singing every time he sees me.

Just random things like that.  I might a bit paranoid, but I fully suspect that it’s building up to something.  I get the feeling there are too many things that I’ve left unfinished and that’s a part of it.

Speaking of unfinished things… here’s an update on the various projects.

  • Zombie Dance. I’m doing what I hope will be a final round of revisions.  Haven’t heard anything from the read-through team, but I’m in no real rush on that one.
  • Avatars of Death. Working on new material for this one, I’m still hoping to have a finished draft soon.  Probably the end of summer?
  • Last Stand for Eternity. This one got stalled completely.  Starting to work on this again.  Might have it finished soon.
  • I really want to do more short fiction and poetry.  I haven’t done nearly enough of that.

One Response to “Huh…”

  1. Jesse said

    For me, I’m constantly thinking about how, in the movies, characters later look back on all those little moments and everything clicks. “How could I not have recognized the song in the background? ; Obviously so-and-so meant this when they said that!” That sort of thing. And I often wonder if I’m going to wake up one more and have a moment of clarity such as that. (But hopefully not in a horror movie kind of way). Life just has too many coincidences, I feel. In any case, I hope that if the events in your life truly are building up to something, that it’s something good. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little paranoia, either. Also, let me know when Zombie Dance is done, please! I’d love to buy & read it!

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