Final Fantasy Remakes…

April 28, 2010

So I was just reading this article about how the remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI are each experiencing some technical difficulties with their development, which could prevent a new DS or PSP or whatever version of either game from coming out.  Now, I debated how I felt about either of these games being remade.  One was probably the weakest point of the series, while the other had so much going on that you at times had no idea what exactly you were doing.  In all honesty, I found Final Fantasy V to be the weakest game of the series, basically a first attempt at Final Fantasy Tactics with a much weaker storyline.  I suppose they could tweak that one, but it would need a lot of work.

This is a game I’ve actually thought should be remade at some point.  Final Fantasy VI was actually an enjoyable game, but I think it would benefit immensely from a revamping of the graphics and general set up.  But that’s just what I think.  They more or less remade Final Fantasy IV from the ground up and I think that was one of the finest video games I’ve ever played.  If done right, Final Fantasy VI could do very well with a remake.


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