April 18, 2010

I don’t know why I don’t finish more of my various stories and novels and stuff.  The feeling of accomplishment is something I could get used to.  Zombie Dance is about as done as I can get it for the time being, really needing somebody else to point out what needs work at this point.  So yeah, it feels good.

As for the next part, it’s going to be a vampires, religion, and science fiction.

  1. Avatars of Death.  The Ambrose/Reg/Vampires/Werewolves/apparenetly Mermaids thing I had started.  A lot of potential there, I’d like to finish it relatively soon.  This is priority one.
  2. Last Stand for Eternity.  That’s probably going to remain a self-publishing/independent venture, given how I’ve been posting it on Writers’ Cafe.  Pretty much going to work on this whenever I can or need a break from Avatars of Death.
  3. Saga of the Universe: Taking the Torch.  The follow-up to Rise of the Knight, that should become a priority, although it currently ranks #3.

On a completely different note, Congratulations to a couple of people I knew back in school, Christine and Justin.  Apparently they just got engaged to each other over the weekend.  Congrats and good luck to both of them, they were probably one of the better functioning couples I’ve ever seen.

2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. ahelmic6 said

    I just finished Chapter One of Zombie Dance! 🙂 I had some free time between classes, found a few things, but I’ll send them to you in an email.

    Do you want me to just wait until I finish the entire story, or send you updates after each chapter?

    • rossofsaunders said

      Either way works for me. I’m not thinking I’ll be working on any major revisions with that for a few days yet anyway.

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