Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour Review

April 17, 2010

So tonight they had the first episode of the new Doctor Who on.  It stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, his first adventure in the role.  Starting off, the Tardis is still crashing from the damage is sustained as a result of the Doctor’s regeneration, eventually crashing in young Amelia Pond’s backyard. Young Amelia is praying for help about a mysterious crack in her wall, which she eventually gets the Doctor to investigate.  He eventually has to go back to the Tardis to stabilize it, stating he’ll back in five minutes.  Twelve years later… yeah.  he ends up coming back twelve years later and help Amelia–now Amy–to defeat the monster from the crack in her wall.

Not a bad story.  Matt Smith’s Doctor was quite good and enjoyable, full of quirks.  Some people might need time to adjust to his tone and style, but I think most will grow to like his take on the character.  Karen Gilan was amazing as Amy Pond and I have to say she might be my favorite companion yet.  I think Steven Moffat has a good feel for this and will do well too.


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