Update on Various Projects

February 20, 2010

Not really that much to report, but I figured some updates would be fair.

  • Last Stand for Eternity is currently garnering the majority of my focus.  I just finished work on a cover for that, and will likely be getting that set up on Lulu by the end of the month.
  • Revising Wandering Through Terran: The Last Goblin War, which should be done in the next week.
  • Also revising Zombie Dance, which I have every intention of submitting for publication in the near future.  Mostly just polishing that.
  • Typing up another segment in my vampire novel, Avatars of Death.  suspect that will become a primary project at some point during the summer.
  • Started outlining and writing out a few pages in a new project, a crime/murder mystery that’s been kicking around the back of my mind lately.  Probably not going to go all out on that one until I finish a few other things though.
  • I’ve about plotted out a bit of a ghost story, one that I’m kind of writing to critique the methods of television programming like Ghost Hunters.  Probably not going to be more than a novelette, but who knows?
  • Been writing a lot more poetry lately, which I’ve been posting on Writers’ Cafe.  Feel free to check that out.

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