Hello Darkness My Old Friend…

February 12, 2010

Watching the Graduate as I work on some writing.  Beyond the amazing writing of this movie, I just feel a great kinship to Dustin Hoffman’s character in this.  Primarily in that my post graduate experience has had a similar listless feeling to it.  Not the whole having affairs with older women and falling for their daughters thing, but the general bleh! attitude that Hoffman’s character has at the start of the movie.

Anyway…  Projects.

  1. Zombie Dance.  In a bit of a priority shift, I’m making this the major priority.  So revisions are the main goal there.  So I’ll be revamping the end to that, changing a lot of details to that.
  2. Wandering Through Terran: the Last Goblin War.  More or less just doing cosmetic changes and making sure scenes don’t contradict one another.  Cover for that is drawn out, just going to scan and color it before I get that up on Lulu.
  3. Last Stand for Eternity.  Really the main in work project, I’m up to about chapter twenty-two (32,000 words) and am moving along pretty well on that one.  Hopefully will have that done by the end of the month.

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