February Updates

February 2, 2010

So, I figured I would post some updates on current projects and my blogosphere status.

  1. The blogs.  I deleted my LJ because the ads have grown considerably more annoying and I just don’t think I use it enough or for the right reasons to really keep going with it.  No great loss, as I have this blog, Twitter, a Tumblr, FB, dA, and Writers’ Cafe.  So, if you followed the LJ and are disappointed, you’ve got plenty of alternatives.
  2. Last Stand For Eternity.  Yes, I renamed Last Stands, because I didn’t really like that title.  I’m doing touch ups and final pencils on a cover for that.  Continuing to post that on Writers’ Cafe, which is fun.  Here’s a link. The crown-jewel of my self-publishing operation, this will be my primary focus for the foreseeable future.
  3. Wandering Through Terran.  I’m in the process of making revisions on that and intend to have it available on Lulu by mid-month.  You can find it in its present form here under the books tab at the top of the page, then going to the Wandering Through Terran page.  Or you can check it out on Writers’ Cafe and read the wonderful reviews I’ve gotten there already.
  4. That’s really about it.  Everything else is in that half-assed state where it’s limbo until I deem it ready for my undivided attention.

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