Updates and Projects

January 30, 2010

Another Rundown Post of things I’m working on!

  1. Adding stuff to the Man of Tomorrow, my Superman screenplay.  I’d say it looks rather pretty right about now though.  Now to figure out the best possible way to get DC to look at it…
  2. Cover Art.  I’m working on cover art for Wandering Through Terran and Last Stands right now, hopefully going to have at least one of them done before the end of the weekend.  I’ve liked the Cover Art for the books I’ve actually done Cover Art for, so I think I’ll keep going with that.
  3. Wandering Through Terran is heavily in the revision phase right now, in the process of preparing to appear on Lulu.  I’m adding a bunch of material that hadn’t posted and will likely add more.  I’d hoped to have this all set and ready to go by the end of the first week of February, but that might be a bit of a push…
  4. Last Stands is now my primary project, as I’ve been slowly posting chapters of that on Writers’ Cafe and that seems to be going well.  Thinking about a new title for that actually.  Not entirely completely in love with that one.  Again, working on the cover art for this one.
  5. The Comic Shop.   A screenplay, this one will focus on a group of losers in their life at a comic shop as they struggle for dignity and honor.  Kind of like the Guild meets High Fidelity with a little bit of Highlander thrown in.
  6. Zombie Dance and some vampire stuff might take priority at some point soon too…  Or maybe Danger Town, USA…  I don’t know that’s all after Last Stands.

So that’s the list of projects and priorities right now.  Not sure if I’ll be doing another chapter a day thing here anytime soon, but I’ll think about it.

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