Wandering Through Terran–Chapter 23

January 24, 2010

Second to Last Chapter!

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Chapter Twenty-three: Final Battle

Where the Battle for Tryps

is Fought and Decided…

From the Castle Tryps, the Dark Elf and the Goblin Lord looked on the horizon in the morning sun. The stone walls were cold in the thin air of highlands of Terran. The blue stone shone as the sun began to hit it. The two were waiting word of the squadron sent to eradicate the force out of Aven, waiting as the sky grew more cloudy. The tall and ghastly pale Dark Elf looked out calmly, encased in tight black as his companion paced. His long white hair shifted gently in the breeze as they observed their forces at work.

You need not worry about such things,” Duneway said. “Dayspring cannot use the power of the Gem at night. It requires the sun and summoning forth the sun is a skill beyond us all. Though I cannot sense any specifics at this distance, my zombies continue to battle. By now they have weakened the force out of Aven considerably. If Sydney and Dayspring do continue on to us, they will be weakened.”

You have not fought men such as these,” Brunzar said warily. “They are far more cunning and far more resourceful than any I have encountered before them. They destroyed the city of Aven in a ploy to trap and kill a great many of my soldiers. And they have dwarves and elves in their allegiance. Even with so few of them, they should not be underestimated.”

Which is why we dispatched a force to deal with them by surprise. Do not fret, my Lord Goblin. We will bind the people of Terran to our will and drink from the skulls of our enemies before this day is done. It will only require a bit more time.”

Brunzar nodded as he walked away. Walking down to the courtyard, he reflected on his deeds. He had been significantly wounded over the course of his time in Aven and the wounds made him fearful. The wounds from the battle with the two knights were nearly healed, but other wounds had not. The burns from Zev’s run on their ballistics and attempt at killing the Goblin Lord showed no signs of healing as they properly should. And that was not the only wound that had yet to show signs of healing.

That worm of a thief had a hidden knife that the guards in Aven missed, he reflected. That wound still bleeds from time to time. It does not close. Only he and the Ranger have left lasting wounds… they were two of the only ones remaining after my awakening… the girl. She is the last one. She threatens my power due to her presence. I must do away with her before this is done. I must make sure she has fallen.

He ran to a courier, demanding that he go to Calla Angel and seek out word of what had passed there. Taking one of their horses, the goblin led it towards the gate as the goblins along the wall sprang to attention. Brunzar could not hear the watchman’s report as a loud horn blasted through the air. Running up the wall, he saw the banners of Aven and Falston, approaching from the west. Looking north, he saw the source of the horn blast. The people of the Tund were marching down the mountain towards them. The goblins scrambled as Duneway directed his zombies and ghouls and ghosts into position.

This is unbelievable!” the Dark Elf shouted. “They should have been crushed at Calla Angel! Rouse my shades! The time has come!”


The lines gathered behind Dayspring as he crested onto the plain where Castle Tryps lay. Behind him was a united front of the survivors from the night at Calla Angel. It had hit them heavily, but everyone of those that remained was ready for battle. Sydney rode along the front, raising the adrenaline of the troops.

This is where we prove our mettle!” he shouted. “This is where we stand for Terran and all we hold true! We will build the world we were owed on our deeds here today, letting our bravery be the foundation of a better world! A better Terran!”

For Terran!” the men echoed back.

For Terran!” Sydney shouted. He led the men as Dayspring charged ahead, the force following him.

Dayspring raised the Gem in his hand, whispering the words as he moved forward. For a long moment it did not work, as the clouds prevented the sun from hitting the Gem. Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun sprang forth, striking the Gem. Dayspring watched as the undead legions of the Dark Elf’s force turned and walked away, returning to their places of rest without complaint. The goblins rushed back towards the city, fearing the force of men that descended on them with the sudden vanishing of their support. Most were not fast enough to escape as the men of the Tund and the armies of Aven, Falston and the dwarf kingdoms cut into their ranks.


Duneway watched as the force of goblins fell back, seeking the safety of the castle. Seeing that the army before them moved extremely quickly, he ordered the doors closed. Many of the were trapped outside, fearful as their enemy closed in around them. Brunzar came to his side and frowned.

What are you doing?” he demanded. “You’ve abandoned a full legion of my goblins to slaughter!”

Do not fret,” Duneway replied. “I can raise them again and we will be able to defeat them.”

What? You would turn them into shades of themselves?”

Better shades than fertilizer.”

Raising his hands, the Dark Elf spoke quickly. He cast the spell to raise the fallen goblins as their enemies charged on the gate.

Klaatu Necros Perk Nicto Necros,” he intoned. Nothing happened. “What is this?”

You and your brother were always fairly foolish, failing to see the obvious.”

On the wall with them stood Slant, Vera and Erik. The wizard stood ready with his staff held up while the princess had her bow draw back and the soldier drew his sword. Below them in the court a small force was fighting there way to the door. At the sight of the princess Brunzar gasped.

Not you!” he hissed.

Vera cocked her head to the side in confusion at his response.

Calm yourself, Goblin Lord!” Duneway ordered. He looked at Slant with a level of contempt. “I suppose there was some secret entrance I didn’t know about.”

Only the Royal Guard of Tryps knew of it,” Slant replied. “It was their personal entrance in cases of emergency. Fortunately, we had a couple of them with us. Unseen wisdom of King Lang I suppose.”

Quite. So here we are. The Dark Elf and the wizard who built his reputation on doing battle with Dark Elves. I hope you haven’t fallen out of practice over the years. I understand my brother was raising your daughter?”

Not by my choice or his, but he proved honorable and the child was safe. All I could really hope for really.”

I see.” He looked at the army waiting at the gate with a shrug. “So you’ve cleansed the land of my necromancy. Well done. Did you have much of a strategy beyond that?”

You and I battle as the child and the knight here do as they are wont to do.”

The Dark Elf laughed a menacing cackle.

So be it!” he shouted.

Brunzar leapt off the balcony to join the fray below. On reflex, Vera fired an arrow at him. It caught his ankle in the air as Erik ran down the stairs to finish him. Vera followed closely behind, preparing a second arrow. Duneway turned his focus on Slant.

Let us dance,” he said. “I think the hour has come for us to have the closing of our conflict.”

Agreed,” Slant said. He raised his staff, the wood starting to glow. “The Hymn of Life!”

A blast struck Duneway, forcing him to stumble back along the wall. As the smoke rose from his form, he smiled at the wizard.

Is that the best you can do?” Duneway taunted. He stepped forward. “I have learned magics far beyond the necromancy and traditional spells of my people. Do not take me for a cheap entertainer.”


Vera shot down the two goblins that guarded the gatehouse to Castle Tryps. She jumped through the door and set to work. Looking around, she spotted the lever for the gate and kicked it. The chain let loose and the ramp fell with a clang. Erik and the rest of the insertion team were holding their own around the gatehouse as Dayspring led the rest of their forces inside the castle, striking right into the goblins. Leaping out, Vera moved to his side.

Slant’s dealing with the Dark Elf now,” she said. “We going to back him up?”

Race you there,” he said.

They moved towards the stairs to the wall, Dayspring leading the way as she fired arrows around him. She ran out of arrows quickly, forcing her to use the bow to block a goblin’s attempt to cut her down. Sydney came to her aid, cutting down the goblin. As she got to her feet, he pointed to the bundles of arrows against the wall. She smiled and grabbed a couple of the bundles before they followed Dayspring. At the foot of the stairs they came face to face with the Goblin Lord.

I offer you terms,” Dayspring said. “Surrender now and we will give you and those remaining of your people territory, a chance to start over.”

You would offer this?” Brunzar asked.

Even the goblins deserve another chance to live,” Dayspring replied calmly. “What do you say?”

It is far too late for that,” Brunzar replied. He charged forward, reckless swinging his blades while giving a battle cry.

Dayspring and Sydney each deflected a blade as Vera drew back an arrow and fired. The shaft planted itself between the Goblin Lord’s eyes. Brunzar fell down the stairs, skipping below Vera as she jumped over him. They ascended the stairs, seeing Slant continuing to do battle with the Dark Elf.


I think we were destined to do this forever,” Duneway said. He launched a bolt of lightning at Slant, who raised a barrier. “Don’t you feel it, Slant? Every one of my kind you fought was just a warm up. Let’s face it, there wasn’t much to Urborg. He never really was that keen on conquering the world or any such grand endeavors. He was happy enough getting your daughter.” He sent a fireball at Slant, the barrier still holding but considerably weakened. “Then you and I had our conflict. That was the stuff legends would be written about. Our previous encounter? A prelude to this!”

The blast of ice finally broke through the barrier. Slant flew back, sliding along the walkway. Glaring, he stared at the Dark Elf. Dayspring bounded in front of him, standing between the wizard and the Dark Elf as Sydney and Vera helped him up. Duneway glared at the interlopers.

How dare you!” he shouted. “This is matter between me and the wizard!”

You egotist,” Slant gasped. Bruised, he moved to Dayspring’s side. “Did you truly believe that any of our battles had any meaning to me beyond a task needing to be done? Urborg was an honorable foe, one who watched over my child with care and compassion. I and my wife respect him for the care he gave her over those years. You? You were always just a whiny brat. And now I know how to beat you.”

Really?” Duneway scoffed. “So go, sho go.” He reached down and touched the stone of the wall. A moment passed as the air crackled. An invisible force pulled Sydney and Dayspring down, their armor and swords sticking to the stone. Vera flipped back as the bundle of arrows on her back pinned down. She slipped out and stood, beside Slant. “You see, I am more powerful than you could have imagined.”

A simple parlor trick,” Slant hissed. He swung his staff over his head before pointing the end at Duneway. “And you never did learn to see all the pieces on the board.”

Raising the staff up again, Slant slammed it down onto the stone. Duneway looked around in confusion, unsure what spell Slant had just cast. Dropping the staff, Slant slowly approached the Dark Elf. Vera followed cautiously, noticing an eerie silence about the air. Not even Slant dropping his staff created a sound. Duneway began to open his mouth but no sound came out. Slant gave a shrug and smile as he punched the Dark Elf. Vera stayed back as Slant continued to fight, striking quickly.

Duneway stumbled into Vera, who gave a soft push and kicked the Dark Elf back to Slant without much ceremony. He nodded his appreciation and gave Duneway solid punch to bring him down, sending their enemy tumbling over the battlements. Looking down, they saw his broken and beaten form on the rocks below. Vera raised a fist in victory as Slant walked back towards her, his steps making a soft beat on the stone.

What did you do?” she asked.

I silenced the world,” he said gravely. “For a time, there was not a sound to be heard in Terran. Very dangerous magic. So dangerous, you can only do it once.”

Vera nodded as they went over to help Dayspring and Sydney to their feet.

What happened?” Sydney asked.

Duneway used his magics to magnetize the stone and use your armor against you,” Slant explained. “Simple parlor trick, really. But effective. It attrached the metal of your weapons and armor to it. We should take you to a healer, it likely pressed your bodies in your armor much tighter than is usually recommended.”

Not a bad idea,” Dayspring groaned.

They walked down the steps towards the courtyard where their men stood waiting. The combined force had quickly routed the enemy and they bowed to the monarchs.

Long live the High King Sydney!” Erik shouted. “Long King Dayspring!”

The cheer echoed throughout the castle as the two kings were led to the healing chambers of the castle.


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