Wander Through Terran–Chapter 24 (Last Chapter!)

January 24, 2010

Here is the last chapter of the novel, feel free to enjoy.

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Chapter Twenty-four: The Crowning

Where Dayspring is Crowned

and There are Many Partings…

The Castle Tryps sustained light damage during the battle, easily repaired in a matter of days with the skills of the dwarves on hand. As the men worked to repair the Castle, Sydney and Dayspring spent the time discussing matters of state while recuperating from the wounds sustained in battle.

And so it was three days after the battle of Tryps that all was prepared for the coronation of Dayspring. With the High King on hand, it was decided that he would be the one to officially crown the new king. He eagerly accepted the duty, arranging for the various Kings of Terran to arrive by airship and bear witness to the event.

The dignitaries gathered in the courtyard as Sydney stood on the dais. He stood tall as the horns blew and Dayspring entered. Trying his best to look regal and official, he moved stiffly down the aisle through the crowd towards Sydney. Ascending the dais, he took a knee before the High King.

I welcome all you fortunate enough to witness the events today,” Sydney announced to the crowd. “You are all lucky to see these days, when a man of valor and bravery proves his mettle and receives a rank befitting his stature. Too often in our history, we have seen great deeds pass without great reward. In this case, those deeds preserved our way of life. It is with great pride that I do hereby acknowledge and crown Sir Dayspring of the Tund as the rightful king of Tryps.” He took the crown from the attendant and placed it upon Dayspring’s head. “May his rule be long and prosperous.”

Dayspring stood and turned to the crowd. He cleared his throat as he began his own speech.

I do not know what tomorrow brings,” he began. “I left the city of Tryps weeks ago a Knight who had advanced with much surprise to posts he had not been expected to take, much less merit. While I was away, the threat spread from our borders to all of Terran. In my travels, I realized that no kingdom of Terran can truly stand alone. United we will build a better world. Before this day is done, my first act as King will be to enter Tryps into the Pact of Terran and allow our traders to join the guilds. We can no longer cling to independence as a show of strength. We will be stronger for the allies we have and the accords we will build.”


Dayspring did not in fact sign the Pact of Terran. In a secret meeting after the coronation, it was decided that one thousand, four hundred year-old document was limited in its purview and a new one would have to be drafted. As the dwarves and elves were intending to make regular relations with the people of Terran, the new one was crafted to include the two races. Barnack signed on behalf of his people, an expected kingship waiting for him. Marizan signed for the elves, accepting the terms with an eager hand.

The dwarf kingdoms will need to decide if my signature is enough or if they wish to sign and ratify individually,” Barnack said. “A minor obstacle, but one to recognize.”

Of course,” Sydney agreed. “The haste of this lies purely in allowing Tryps to begin trading as soon as possible. I would be happy to host a Summit in Aven to negotiate any revisions they wish to suggest. But what of you? Where are you bound to?”

I will request that the Giant’s Stubbed Toe be ceded to me and perhaps build a palace there,” the dwarf replied. “It would be a shame for such a spot to remain unoccupied.”

Agreed,” Dayspring said. “It had a magnificent view. Best of luck to you with that.” He turned to Marizan. “And what of the elves, Marizan? Will they be returning here in number?”

I suspect they will,” Marizan said. “We had little knowledge of the Dark Elves and their deeds. Having witnessed them first hand, I suspect we will need to involve ourselves in Terran’s affairs, out of a need to preserve our honor. The lands of Terran were kind to us and we would like to build new kingdoms here.”

We will welcome you,” Sydney said. He looked around the room at the gathered dignitaries. “My lords and nobles. We have just established the new Pact of Terran. Let it usher in a new age.”


The procession of dignitaries slowly came up to the throne as Dayspring watched, listening to every well-wish that was offered. He nodded politely and accepted the gifts, feeling the process was too drawn out, but necessary. First was King Reul and Vera, who nodded to the newly crowned king with respect. Queen Uma had apparently retired to the Isle of Eve, choosing to decline the invitation to the coronation.

I expect you to visit Bris soon,” he said. “I should like to see what skills you have at sea.”

I will consider it a priority,” Dayspring replied. He looked at Vera. “Though it might be beyond my place, I would suggest some leniency with your daughter in regards to her recent actions. She proved quite valorous and equaled to the task in our travels.”

Oh aye,” Reul said. “I do believe you are right about that. Perhaps the time has come for her to find her place in the world. Clearly the young are taking over.”

Vera smiled as she stepped up and kissed his cheek.

Good luck, my liege,” she whispered. She rejoined her father and smiled.

Dayspring smiled and nodded as Reul and Vera moved aside for the next dignitaries, Lady Willamina and Sir Malcom of Falston. They bowed to the King and gave their gifts.

Best of luck your majesty,” Willamina said. “As two who have seen your deeds first hand, we can say that Tryps is in the best of hands.”

Dayspring nodded as they moved aside for Slant and Layla. The pair smiled as the King frowned on their approach. They bowed, standing before him.

Forgive our daughter’s absence,” Slant said. “She managed to miss the call to attend here. Apparently the dwarves took her up into the mountains to investigate a mysterious grove of trees and she missed the call to your coronation.”

It is forgiven and not entirely surprising,” Dayspring replied. “I’m sure she will find her way where she needs to be when she needs to be there.”

She usually does and I suggest you visit her,” Layla said. She ascended the dais and knelt to him, whispering in his ear. “You have my blessings, Liefwyr. May all the Gods of the Tund watch over you.”

Slant waited as his wife moved back to his side, leaving Dayspring to greet the rest of the dignitaries.

The procession continued, not stopping until the evening feat began. Dayspring gave a toast, there was much feasting and the night passed with much merriment. That night he took a long look out at the horizon. Though he was very tired, he sat there into the night and watched as the stars emerge in the darkened sky. His kingdom lay before him in the darkness, waiting to see what results his deeds would bring.


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