Wandering Through Terran–Chapter 22

January 23, 2010

Chapter Twenty-two is here… Where we haves some zombies…

Link to the rest of the story…

Chapter Twenty-two: Entering Tryps

Where Dayspring Proves His Regency and

Zombies Are Defeated, But More Attack…

The army out of Aven crossed into Tryps without incident, on the second day of their journey from Aven. They had almost reached the frontier outpost at the valley of Calla Angel when they encountered the first of the Dark Elf’s legions. All the men turned pale as they looked on the mass before them. The force of zombies and ghouls marched slowly on the army from Aven—a considerably smaller force than Sydney had expected them to face. Slant appraised them cautiously.

Duneway resorts to necromancy quickly,” he observed. He turned to Sydney. “Quickly even for his kind. He’s afraid, so he sends the fallen forms of those he’s conquered to destroy us. With all such beings, we must remove the head and burn the bodies.”

Burn the bodies?” Olaf asked. “That’s barbaric!”

Better we resort to barbarism than allow the Dark Elf’s magics to continue defiling our people,” Dayspring said.

Wait,” Vera interrupted. She spurred her horse to their side. “What if we don’t have to fight them?”

They looked to her as she drew the Vuku Gem from the pouch on her belt. Holding it up, they nodded. Sydney laughed as he took the Gem from her.

Of course,” he said. “But can any of us claim to use the Gem?”

It was used by the ancient chieftains and kings to lay their ancestors to rest,” Slant replied. “Perhaps the king of the land can use it?”

The Gem was handed to Dayspring, who glanced over to Slant.

I would like to ride as my second,” Dayspring said. “If this doesn’t work, I want you to rain fire down on them before they eat me.”

Of course,” the wizard replied.

Riding together, they approached the oncoming cadre of undead adversaries. As they approached, Dayspring held the Gem high and let the sunlight catch it. They were nearly to the line and nothing had happened. They stopped a few yards short of their opponents as the zombies slowly stumbled forward.

Try saying something,” Slant suggested calmly. “A blessing or some such.”

Dayspring nodded as he raised the Gem again.

May the next life treat you better than this one,” he called. “Go to your rest and find peace.”

The zombies stopped, staring dumbly as the Gem started to glow in Dayspring’s hands. A flash of light spread out from the Gem. In unison they turned scattering back in the direction they came. Slant moved his horse closer to Dayspring’s.

Well done,” the wizard said. “They are free of Duneway’s power, allowed to return to eternal slumber. They are no longer within his grasp.”

Good,” Dayspring said. They turned their horses and rode back to their company. “We should rendezvous with the men at Calla Angel and learn what has transpired since my departure. It might prove enlightening.”


They arrived at the fortress in Calla Angel. The outpost was on the edge of the Tund, resting in the opening of a valley in the mountain range that ran through the northern areas of Tryps. On the other side lay the cold lands of the Tund. Many of the men there were from the Tund, traders or trappers arrived to sell their wares. The commanding officer there, a gruff and rough looking man called Erik, greeted the party as they drew closer. With light blond hair, he smiled jovially as he spotted Dayspring.

Lo and the Angels of the Valley have answered my prayers!” he called. He wrapped Dayspring in an embrace. “Have you come to relieve me from my post here?”

Not quite,” Dayspring replied with a grunt. He broke free of Eric’s arms. “How many men are here and how soon can they be ready to go to Tryps?”

Five thousand men of the Tund and we can be ready to leave in two hours. A good chunk of them should be on leave already. This about that Dark Elf business and the goblins that came this way? We haven’t heard much in the last week or so.”

Things have gotten considerably worse.” Dayspring turned to Sydney. “We’re not going to reach Tryps by nightfall. We should camp here in the valley tonight.”

Sounds good,” the High King replied. “Let’s get some rest.”


They set up camp around Calla Angel, filling the entire valley. It was a clear night as Dayspring sat down with Erik, who was telling Herb and Olaf stories in the lodge of the fort. A childhood friend of Dayspring’s, the burley man was regaling them with tales of their childhood.

So Dayspring wasn’t allowed anywhere near the stables for a year after the unfortunate incident with the horse,” Erik said. “That horse ran every time it saw him. That was about the time his escapades with the lovely young ladies of our fair village became a bit too much and he was sent off to train in the Royal Army of Tryps. The RATS as we called them. Shaped him up a bit over the years though.”

Sounds like a joyous amount of fun,” Herb observed. “What exactly is your duty here in Calla Angel?”

We patrol the frontier and process trade goods,” Erik replied. “It’s the safest point to cross over from the Tund until you’re nearly to the city of Tryps. Traders on the Tund bring in goods for to buy off them and resell.”

Isn’t that illegal?” Herb asked.

Only in the rest of Terran,” Erik replied boisterously. “Here in Tryps, we never signed the Pact. All those good little safeguards and measures don’t really exist here. That’s why you rarely see people from Tund trading with the outside. Shame though. We need to trade more than we do.”

The two nodded as the alarms bells sounded outside on the edge of the fort.

That’s the signal for an attack,” Erik said. “Come on, let’s check it out.”

They did not have a chance to investigate as the doors of the fell in. A group of goblins and zombies rushed them, breaking through the walls. Drawing his sword, Dayspring immediately fought the oncoming enemies as the others regrouped behind him. He ran out to the camp behind the buildings where the rest of the men, dwarves and elves were preparing to defend themselves.

They’re blitzing us!” he shouted. “Form up and hold your ground! We need to last until sunrise.”

And so the Dark Elf and the Goblin Lord sent troops to strike their enemy in the dead of night. Forming their defense, the forces led by Sydney and Dayspring moved to the end of the valley and settled in for a long battle.


Eseen arrived in Falston late, feeling a bit annoyed with the songs the dwarves felt compelled to sing for her. With a portion of Falston’s army returning home to reinforce the city, she spent two days traversing back around the mountain. It was not an entirely unpleasant trip, the discomfort coming primarily from the sudden decision of nearly every dwarf to compose a song in her honor. There were some concerns of a goblin attack, but it proved baseless as the war had moved to the east.

They arrived at the gates, greeted by Willamina and Albie. They bowed to the visitors, smiling at the group.

Welcome back,” Willamina said. “I hope you had a pleasant trip here. We are honored to have you here.”

Barnack asked us to come back here and offer our services,” the dwarf leader said. Eseen remembered him saying his name was Skalin. “If you would have us, we’ll assist in the rebuilding of your city.”

We would have you and we’d be honored,” Albie said. He looked to Eseen. “You were wounded in the battle?”

Nothing too bad,” Eseen replied. “The healers in Aven are quite skilled.”

That they are,” Willamina said. “You are here in regards to the forest?”

I would be of little use in Aven or Tryps,” the mage replied. “My time here was all too brief and I would like to wander through the forest.”

You are welcome to do so,” Albie replied. “I suggest you contact your mother though. She requested we allow you use of the crystals to speak with her.”

I’ll do so immediately. Could you lead me there?”

Albie nodded and guided Eseen to the Guardian Citadel within the city. Taking her to the top of the tower, the wizard helped her establish the connection with the Temple of Myr before leaving. The miniature avatar of her mother appeared before her.

Hello Eseen,” Layla said. “You’ve returned to Falston?”

I decided I’d recuperate better here,” Eseen replied. “I’m sorry if you wanted me to stay with father. I just I would be of more use here.”

Oh there’s nothing wrong with that. I haven’t spoken to you in a few days and wanted to check up on you. You see to be causing your father some anxiety.”

I’m sorry if I’ve been disappointing.”

You haven’t been. Far from it. You exceeded any and all expectations I had for you. I couldn’t be prouder of you. I knew this was a crucial time for you. Before you left, I had a vision that you would face a challenge. It was thin on detail, but I do admit I feared for you. I questioned your strength and adaptability. You lacked something essential that I think you gained in the course of your journey.”


In the short time you’ve been living with us at the Temple, I think you did seem a bit lonely. I sometimes wondered if you would have been better off staying in the forest. But I think you did find something that makes you happy. Or someone.”

He’s amazing.”

Why don’t you tell me about him?”


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