Updates, Pleas and Cries of Insanity

January 8, 2010

So, I’ve been slowly and constantly tweaking things about the page here over the last few weeks.  Redid my bio and site description, revamped various pages… feel free to take a look around.  Beyond this site, figured I would run through some of the exciting things happening.

  1. Writers’ Cafe. I’ve mentioned this previously, but I’ve been doing a variety of projects on that site.  Highly suggest you check it out if you’ve liked what you seen here.
  2. Lulu Storefront.  I’ve currently got three novels and a collection of short stories available there, each listed at a fairly competitive price.  Currently, The Iscariot Algorithm and Sage Vs. The Army of Clowns are able to be downloaded for free, so I suggest you take advantage that while you can.  You might end up thinking they both suck, but hey, they’re free right now.

A few current and upcoming projects to be aware of.

  1. Wandering Through Terran.  Currently being posted here and on Writers’ Cafe, I think this one is going well and will likely be finished by the end of the month, depending on how things go with posting and proofreading.
  2. Last Stands.  Current Project 1A.  Expect to finish it towards the end of January/early February, be beefing it up and such throughout February.  I kind of get the feeling this one will spark a bit of controversy if it ever gets much publicity–or if I finish it–but I figure I’ll keep going with it.
  3. Saga of the Universes: Taking the Torch.  I project to be working mainly on this one at some point in early February.  Such is the case with so many stories, this one is outlined meticulously and ready to go.  Just need to get through some other projects before I go full bore on this one.
  4. Avatars of Death.  My major vampire novel, this one is going to be probably an early summer project by the time I give it full focus.  This will be another that I try to submit to an actual publisher.
  5. Challengers of the Shadow Follow-ups.  My plan is to do four novelettes that deal with the various characters after the events of the first novel, leading into a full length novel where the group reunites.  Hope to have a least a couple of those up here by Halloween, maybe outlining and noting out the major followup  in detail at that time.
  6. Zombie Dance.  I am working on getting that published in some kind of real manner, revising it as I go.  Probably end up saving that for the day when I can better handle any scorn this one inspires.  It does get pretty fucking intense.

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