“Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

December 31, 2009

So I’m putting the finishing touches on the first chapters of the novel I will be posting here.  It’s a fantasy novel that’s kind of evolved out of something I wrote back in high school and inspired a screenname.  I am thinking it will be called Wanderings through Terran: The Last Goblin War.  For those who have interest, he’s the plan:

  1. Monday through Friday will have chapters posted, with two on Fridays.  This is purely because I find that if I do not plan regular days off, I will go loopy.  So we’ll say weekends are good for R&R.
  2. Comments are welcome, as is proofreading as I always seem to miss some kind of odd little typo that will piss me off later if it gets missed completely.  So feel free to point those out, make comments on where things work, things suck, and anything else worth mentioning.
  3. Will be available on Lulu probably two weeks after, likely with previously left out material for enticement sake.
  4. First chapter will be posted around midnight, the second probably around noon tomorrow.  Regular schedule starts next week.  After the first week an archive page will be set up for this project.

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