Current Projects

December 22, 2009

I think it’s time to prioritize my writing projects.  These are more or less in the general order of import I hold them it–with some variation depending on what I’m feeling that day.

  1. Last Stands.  This is currently the project I seem to have a decent amount of momentum in, an expansive look at religion that’s likely to trigger some sort of controversy.  That’s currently on Writers’ Cafe, should you want to check it out.
  2. Saga of the Universes: Taking the Torch.  I’ve written about four full episodes and again have posted them on Writers’ Cafe.  Keep an eye out for those, I’ll be posting more as I write it.
  3. Avatars of Death.  Some of you might recall a story I wrote called the Congress of Mortuus.  This is a planned novel building around that.  The two segments I’ve written total about 17,000 words, and I’m planning on another four or five segments.  Still in the planning and early draft phase on that though.
  4. Zombie Dance.  My NaNoWriMo Zombie Novel.  Still some work to do, but I’m starting to send it around in the hopes of getting published.
  5. Comic Book Scripts.  I’m currently working on revising and writing scripts for the two concepts for comics books I’ve got, Order of the Dragon and Decimation.  At present this is still in the early script phase and I would like to find an artist to collaborate on these projects with.
  6. Gunsligners of Paradiso.  That failed Western experiment.  I might come back to that at some point soon and try to finish that up.  I think there’s some promise there.
  7. Challengers of the Shadow Follow-ups.  So, I got bored and kind of outlined a sequence of follow-ups to Challengers of the Shadow.  My plan is a sequence of four or five shorter works leading into a longer, full novel.  That’s a project for down the road, and is far from done with the planning phase.
  8. The Man of Tomorrow.  A script for a Superman movie, probably going to be a back burner project for the time being.  It’s written, I’m doing some revisions, but I probably won’t do much until I can get myself down to a Con and force somebody of great import to read it.
  9. The Iscariot Algorithm: Book Two.  Probably should revise that and get it up on Lulu.

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