So Yeah…

December 19, 2009

My whole chapter a day thing with the Gunslingers of Paradiso… epic fail.  I haven’t even written beyond the three or four chapters I posted here already.  I usually have four or five different stories going at a time, and this is just one I can’t seem to get anything done on.  Maybe I’ll watch some Lonesome Dove or any Clint Eastwood western and try to get something going in that regard…

Anyway, feel free to check out my Writers’ Cafe page.  I’m kinda, sorta working on two novels there.  One being the exciting follow up to Saga of the Univeres: Rise of the Knight.  The second is a bit of an experiment where I will test a hypothesis on religious writings titled Last Stands.  Based on the success of the myriad of vampire novels and Dan Brown’s stuff, I have reached the conclusion that you will gain readers simply by including vampires or pissing off Christians.  Am I trying to piss of Christians?  Not necessarily.  While suspect the ideas I put forth in that particular story might be found a bit controversial, I am simply trying to tell a good story.

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