I’m So Tired…

December 10, 2009

So, I had every intention of writing and posting the next segment of the Western story I posted some chapters of already.  But… I had a job interview this morning.  Which was a fascinating experience.  Some will know that tale, but that’s for a day when I’ve decided I’m definitely not working there.  But anyway, I’m taking a day or two to just recharge.  Just need to clear my mind after today’s tour de Job stuff.

(Not like we’ve got a fanbase desperate for the next chapter anyway)


One Response to “I’m So Tired…”

  1. ahelmic6 said

    In my defense…I have finals and textbooks to read. no time for stories. Hell I don’t even read my textbooks…makes me wonder why the hell I spend $300 on books each semester.

    They’re just taking up shelf space…what a bummer. I’ll read your story eventually. I always do 🙂

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