Project Updates

November 28, 2009

Figured I would bring people up to speed on what’s happening with my various projects.  Big event:  My netbook–which is where I work on just about everything from a writing standpoint–would not start up this morning.  No idea why or how that happened, I’m planning a pilgrimage to BestBuy to investigate in the next couple of days.  Should still be under warranty, but regardless this is a pain in the ass.  And I was planning to backup things to my external hard drive (Vladimir) soon too… Fuck.

Still let’s run through the status on various projects.

  • The Man of Tomorrow.  I started work on a screenplay called The Man of Tomorrow, based on the DC Comics character Superman.  Last night, I more or less finished work on it for the time being, and I’m pretty pleased with it.  Unfortunately, the draft on the hard drive doesn’t have the most recent round of revisions, which is rather saddening.  Still hopping to recover it.  Doesn’t mean I’ll actually make any attempts to sell it, as the rights to the character are currently in despite between DC and the Siegel/Shuster families.  Oh well.
  • I’ve been posting chapters to a couple of novels on,  one is called Last Stands, the second a follow up to a previous novel, Saga of the Universes: Taking the Torch SotU should be fine, given how all the chapters to that are currently up and I’m still writing the next by hand.  Last Stands… I only got about half of that on WritersCafe.
  • Zombie Dance.  Well, I submitted a query to a publisher about that one, which was turned down.  I would be picking up right away and contacting another publisher, but there’s an obvious issue there.  I finished it last Friday, and backed it up on Vladimir.  The problem is the week’s worth of revisions I did.  I do not want to redo those all.

Anyway, that’s where things are.


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