Challengers of the Shadow: The Novel Formerly Known As Shadow Walkers

November 7, 2009

Tonight I got the bulk of the novel I’ve been posting on here ready for publishing on Lulu.  Among numerous corrections and revisions, I’ve changed the name from Shadow Walkers to Challengers of the Shadow.  Mostly because I was not a fan of that title, but also because there’s apparently a low-budget Sci-Fi movie of the same name.

So that will be ready once I finish with the cover.

Now, you might ask “Ross, you’ve posted this entire novel in you blog.  Why should we buy this?”  Excellent question.  I can think of three good reasons.

  1. Revisions.  It has been revised and cleaned up.  The previous draft was a mess as far as readability goes.  I’ve cleaned things up as much as possible, correcting everything that was pointed out or I picked up on.
  2. Added Scenes.  Depth of story was an issue I saw in the previous draft.  So I added a few segments and scenes to address that.
  3. I won’t be leaving that on here much longer.  Seeing as how I’ve revised it heavily and have it nearly ready to publish, I think I’ll pull it and put a couple of chapters as a preview on a specific page for this book.

Well there’s an update on that project.


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